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The Fractional Association is the international association for the fractional ownership of marine vessels, aircraft and vacation homes, representing syndicate owners, brokers and individuals with fractional assets in worldwide locations.

Our Membership Services

The Fractional Association has four tiers of membership. All our members fully commit to adhering to our Codes of Conduct and our Arbitration Service in the unlikely event of a dispute between a Fractional Association member and one of their shareholder asset owners.

The higher the membership tier is, the greater their obligation to adhering to our systems and practices become.

Our Codes of Conduct

The Fractional Association has three varying Codes of Conduct focused on each syndicator’s asset category. These are the operational rules we insist our members adhere to. In the unlikely event that a member does not abide by the code of conduct they face financial penalties or termination of their membership.

All membership tiers are equally bound to operating under the framework of the Codes of Conduct.
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Aviation Code of Conduct

About Fractional Ownership

Fractional shared ownership enables buyers to avail themselves of the opportunity to own a slice of the pie and share the experience of ownership, without the financial outlay only available to the privileged few


Is fractional ownership right for you? Read our introduction to fractional ownership to find out more.

The primary objective of the Fractional Association’s Government Relations & International Policy department is to preserve and enhance the legislative and regulatory climate for the growth of fractional asset ownership worldwide, by providing services and representation that only the Fractional Association can provide.

This is accomplished by lobbying and educating national and local policymakers, monitoring legislative and regulatory activity impacting the fractional syndication marketplace, conducting grassroots campaigns, participating in national and local coalitions, and promoting positive relations between fractional syndicates, members, shareholders and government officials.

The Fractional Association follows legislative and regulatory activities where possible in the primary worldwide resorts and other likely locations where syndicated assets are in operation. The aim is to protect against policies that could negatively impact on fractionally owned assets wherever they may be located.

Our number one priority is to protect the members’ and their and shareholders’ asset globally.

The Fractional Association nurtures strong relationships with all associated trades and industries to the fractional syndication marketplace, be they property, aviation or marine related.

We are particularly interested in developing relations with manufactures and suppliers of the assets or products syndicated worldwide, such as aircraft manufactures, yacht builders and property developers.

By playing an active role at the forefront of product development, we can help influence design and innovation to suit fractional ownership of those very products.

Syndicate ownership generally dictates that the asset is more heavily used with higher rotational activity that normal, necessitating greater robustness and more efficient servicing capabilities than ordinarily expected from their product range. We play an active role in helping manufactures and product developers understand the needs of fractional syndicates, and to influence their thinking accordingly.

The Fractional Associated is very proactive in sourcing new products for potential syndication, and is offers advisory and consultancy services from its experienced syndicate members to ensure that those new products are even more fit for purpose.

The Fractional Association  – Annual Conference 2017

Where: Palma De Mallorca
When: 14th & 15th September 2017


Day 1 – 14th September 2017

  • Workshops & Seminars – Paseo Maritimo – Palma
  • Tapas networking dine-about

Day 2 – 15th September 2017

  • Boat & Property show – Puerto Portals – Mallorca
  • Farewell Dinner & Corporate Party

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